Lion Play CubeCat Toy Value PackJungle Tunnel

Keep Them Busy ... Or Else!

When the domestic cat's not busy sleeping (up to 16 hours a day), it can usually be found doing what cats do second best: getting in all sorts of trouble.

Keeping cats safe while stimulating their insatiable appetite for mischief could be a full time job if it weren't for the ingenious line of toys from SportPet. You know your little friend's boundless energy must be matched with the right diversions. And we've got them:

  • Tunnels and lots of things that roll
  • Multifunctional items to keep their minds busy
  • Proper stimulation of the cat's natural desire to hunt, hide and chase

As you can see, cat toys are serious business. Ah, who are we kidding? They're seriously fun, and that always translates into exciting products that you'll love to take home to your kitty!