Kitty City HideawayKitty City Cheetah Cubby

Welcome to the Kitty Health Club!

Covert operative, frisky friend, sleeping fur ball. Cats wear many hats during the average day. Whatever the caper, they need a stimulating arena to play the parts.

Drapes make wonderful climbers for the adventure-seeking kitty. But you'll agree that feline furniture is much more practical. Thankfully, you can bring home some of the most original and engaging activity centers in the entire cat kingdom:

  • Kitty City - a connectable, stackable amusement park for cats
  • PVC Furniture - easy to build, easy to shuttle around the home
  • Built-in enhancements like toys, scratching posts and peek-a-boo holes

Your kitty is probably eyeing up those curtains right now. Good thing you're coming home with some exciting furniture to save the day!