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Welcome to SportPet Designs...
where pets are employees, too.             

SportPet Designs makes innovative, fun products for active pets (sleepy, lazy pets, too). Lots of imaginative, caring people work here. But none so  helpful
as our four-legged friends who spend time at the office with us testing all
Our Products
, from dog food bowls to cat furniture.

Skeptical? No need to take our word for it. Our Videos show enough proof of our furry folks earning their keep to make a believer out of anyone.

That's just one of the great surprises you'll discover about SportPet. We're all about blazing our own trail in the pet products industry, and with that comes many firsts. In fact, the more you learn About Us, the more you'll love about us.

Just be prepared to share some of that love in case you've got a place in your heart for a pet in need of a friend. Our We Care program helps local humane societies and pet shelters make adoption possible for pets that want a second chance to bring happiness to the right home.

Face it, you're not going anywhere for awhile. Take a look around to learn more about SportPet and the products we make for pets like yours.