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About Us

SportPet Designs launched in 2004 with a line of kennels, beds, bowls, toys and travel accessories. Simple products, enhanced with our unique awareness about what pet owners want.

Headquartered just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, SportPet owns, manages and maintains offices in multiple countries. We operate our own warehouses in China, Qinpu, Shanghai and Jiangxi. In the U.S., our domestic warehouse is located in Phoenix. Other field offices are located in Shanghai, Tokyo, London and Warsaw.

More than a manufacturer, we believe in the greater responsibility we have to both you and your pet. Our designs are thoroughly tested for safety and function. While government regulations require that we complete semi-annual product safety audits, we perform quality and safety tests each day. Having internal checks as well as third-party testers give us total confidence that the products we make are good enough for our own pets.

Beyond safety, our pioneering spirit drives us to develop new products before the competition. One such example is Kitty City, the world's first modular cat furniture adventure system.

Few pet product brands can say "we make what we sell." Why is that important? With that kind of control over quality and production, we can confidently promise that you're getting the best product – at a family-friendly price.